Miracle Drink

kombucha In my never ending search for all things skinny healthy, I stumbled upon kombucha (pronounced kom-BOO-cha).  Kombucha is a handmade Chinese tea that's been fermented for 30 days.  Sounds gross, right?  Kind of.  The drink is natural and organic, and the label claims it supports appetite and weight control, metabolism, digestion, anti-aging, healthy skin and hair, blah, blah.

All that stuff aside, I just tried it to see if it would help me get skinny.  I gave it a shot and quickly became addicted.  Two weeks in, a daily kombucha has all but eliminated my crazy food thoughts (i.e., "If I don't get some cookies within 20 minutes, I might start busting skulls" kind of thoughts).  I sip on a bottle throughout the day, and I no longer feel the need to snack when I'm not hungry.

Thinking about taking the plunge?  Some tips from a novice kombucha addict:

  1. Open the bottle slowly.  My first bottle exploded all over my office.  Actually, most of the bottles fizz all over when I open them even though I don't shake them.
  2. It smells kind of strange (a little like vinegar or beer).  You'll get used to it.
  3. Don't be discouraged by the crap floating in the bottom.  If you drink kombucha with a straw, you can avoid most of that stuff (or you just don't notice that you're drinking it).
  4. Speaking of straws - they're essential for daily kombucha consumption.  Buy a bunch or hoard them from your office's common kitchen area.
  5. On your first day, drink only half the bottle.  You may feel a little shaky, sweaty or jittery.  That means it's working (or at least that's what I told my sister).
  6. Flavors: My favorites are Strawberry, Grape and Passionberry.  Cranberry and Citrus are pretty good too.  Botanic No. 7 is disgusting - don't waste your money.
  7. Warning: This stuff may cause you to develop a crack-like addiction to it.  You may find yourself driving around southern New Jersey with your 3-year-old niece in the backseat because "Aunt Gina just really needs to get her special drink".
My brand of choice is GT - it's available at Whole Foods and natural food stores.  Starting next week, I plan to start buying the stuff by the case.  Anyone want in?