The Hunt

AAAAAt5VUuwAAAAAANzlVA You know the feeling.  You hemmed and hawed over a purchase until it was too late and weeks or months later, you see it on someone else and you.get.angry.

This past weekend my sister-in-law Julie appeared in these Michael Kors shoes.  I gasped.  Hadn't I anguished over whether to buy these at full price during the winter?  Wait, she got them half off at a TJ Maxx 10 minutes from her parents' shore house?  Someone's going to DIE.

And so it began.  Since I was down the shore, I immediately went the TJ's where Julie got lucky.  Not one pair remained.  I quickly became frantic and desperate.  When I returned home on Sunday night, I hit up two TJ's in the Philly area - no luck.  I tossed and turned all night, agonizing over why God would curse my life like this.  Was it because I've missed mass lately? 

After visiting or calling 32 TJ Maxx and Marshalls stores in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland over a 48-hour period, I finally scored: a Marshalls on Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia had my size.  I put them on hold and was there within 45 minutes.  VICTORY.  I felt like Elle Woods when she learned she was one of the elite first year law students chosen for Professor Callahan's murder trial team.

On the way home, hugging the box in the front seat, I thought - after all that searching, was it really about the shoes?  At first, yes.  But somewhere around store #10, it became more about winning.  No one likes to fail, and I was going to find those shoes if it killed me.

And back to the shoes - as of Monday night, the Roosevelt Boulevard store had 10 remaining pairs.  So if any tortured soul in Philadelphia is out there Googling "Michael Michael Kors Penelope X-Strap Sandal", this post may give her hope.  Godspeed.