Things I Learned in my First Year of Marriage

3484471391_1d4e0847e6I recently celebrated one year of marriage to my sick awesome fun husband in late June (yes, that's us).  In honor of this milestone, I'd like to share some valuable tidbits I learned during our first 12 months as husband and wife.

  1. In the beginning of your marriage, your husband may have some ridiculous preconceived notion that you two should eat a real dinner after work.  However, he'll be okay with just Cheez-Its once you put the Cheez-Its in a bowl and he's distracted by them.
  2. You really can go the first six months without combining bank accounts.
  3. Wives rarely drive cars (unless they really want to).  Sometimes when the wife accidentally walks over to the driver’s side of the car, her husband starts laughing.
  4. Your husband had no idea how much you talked to your sister on the phone until you two got married and began living together.
  5. The Phillies really aren’t that bad.  In fact, when nothing else is on TV in the summer, you may find yourself asking your husband “Hey, aren’t the Phils on tonight?”
  6. Yes, you definitely can watch too many episodes of “House Hunters” and “My First Place".  But you and your husband may find it's pretty entertaining to make fun of the house hunters once the initial novelty of the show has worn off.
  7. Being married is awesome because wives are never expected to take out the trash or kill bugs.
  8. It’s a lot easier to deal with money when you appoint one of the spouses as the family’s CFO.  However, if your family's CFO is the husband, make sure he understands he shouldn’t ask the wife any questions about how she's spending money.  Such questions usually cause her to get defensive.
  9. No one ever regrets getting a king size bed.
  10. When a husband travels for work during the week, his wife will talk a big game about all the stuff she's  going to do at night while he's away.  But she usually just comes home from work, eats cookies, watches TV and passes out on the couch.
  11. Husbands wear lots of white undershirts that require constant laundering.
  12. Your first party together may be stressful, but you get a lot better at hosting the more you do it.
  13. Buying a scooter significantly improves the happiness of both spouses.  The husband no longer has to drop off and pick up the wife at various locations throughout Center City.  The wife no longer feels guilty for the hours the husband wasted waiting outside of her work and her pilates studio.
  14. Marriage is pretty easy when you have an insanely awesome husband.

I'm sure others have learned lots of interesting things during their marriages, too.  Comments are encouraged.