Break & EAT

mmmmmI love baking, and I love cookies.  Often times I'm seriously Jonesing for warm freshly baked chocolate chip cookies but don't feel like going through the entire process of making them from scratch.  What's a girl to do?  Ask her husband to go with her to the grocery store so she can buy two packages of Nestle Toll House Mini Break & Bake cookies to bake RIGHT THEN at 9:00 p.m. on a Tuesday.

Why mini cookies you ask?  You can eat more and not feel as guilty as you would had you eaten a crap load of large cookies.  After all, what do you want as soon as you're finished a delicious little warm cookie?  Another cookie.  Plus, two packages of minis makes like a thousand cookies, so you always have some left over to give away even after you've eaten a bunch.  That fact alone makes you feel like less gross because "I couldn't have eaten THAT many if I had some left to give away."

Break & Bakes are my go-to treat when I've promised to bring something to a party and have limited time to whip something up (which happens pretty frequently).  They seriously take no time at all to make, and you generally feel pretty proud of yourself because your house smells like chocolate chip cookies.  Oh, and they're crazy delicious.  So delicious that I usually eat a bunch of the dough while I'm making them which often results in late night stomach pains (but it's worth it).

If you make these for an event I can promise you: (1) people will love them, (2) no one will know they're not made from scratch, and (3) if I'm there I'll get pissed because they're my thing, and I don't want anyone stealing my glory.

Disclaimer: HCG does not endorse Pillsbury break & bake cookies.  Nestle Toll House B&Bs are far superior to Pillsbury, and HCG accepts no responsibility for anyone who mistakenly buys the Pillsbury version.  Shopping tip: the Nestle packaging is yellow, Pillsbury is blue.  You've been warned.