RZP Returns!

This dress is crazy Tonight marks the return of one of my favorite shows: The Rachel Zoe Project.

RZ, now a household name, is a fascinating creature.  For starters, she has the world's most enviable job - dressing celebrities in sick clothes. Her personal spending habits are insane.  She wears a ridiculous amount of accessories.  And, the fact that first drew me to her: the woman credits herself with turning Nicole Richie into a style icon (and, in the opinion of many, getting her super skinny).

I follow RZ on Twitter and, say what you want about her (and she does have her haters), she is insanely responsive to her followers.  Many of her tweets involve her advising random people what they should wear to meet a boyfriend's parents or to a job interview.  Imagine rolling up to dinner and saying, "Oh, this?  Rachel Zoe suggested I wear it.  Right after she picked out Anne Hathaway's dress for the Golden Globes."  The chick definitely knows how to develop a loyal following.

If the RZP is not part of your regular TV schedule, and you're even remotely into celebrities/clothing/fashion/luxury goods - which, by my account, applies to almost everyone who frequents this site - you should seriously consider giving it a shot.  I bet you $1.00 you're at least impressed with how skinny she is.

The Rachel Zoe Project airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on Bravo.