An Entire Year in One Dress

impressive The premise: wear the same black dress every day for an entire year.

The creator: New Yorker Sheena Matheiken.

The purpose: raise money for the Akanksha Foundation, a nonprofit organization that funds educational expenses for children living in the slums of India.

The end product: The Uniform Project.

Sheena Matheiken grew up in India where uniforms were required in schools.  As an exercise in sustainable fashion and to gather donations, Matheiken launched The Uniform Project in May - she wears the same black dress every day and posts images of her daily outfits online.

Matheiken's friend Eliza Starbuck custom designed the cotton dress and produced seven identical versions of it.  The dress has buttons running down the center and can be worn with buttons facing front or back.   And, like many amazing dresses, it has pockets.  If it is ever mass produced, I know I'd be among the first in line to buy it.

Since Matheiken began this project almost four months ago, she has raised over $11,000 (her site keeps a running tally of money raised to date).

From a style perspective, what's most impressive is Matheiken's ability to accessorize the hell out of this dress.  The girl rocks tights, socks, belts, vests, sweaters and even crazy head gear.  Her ensembles are mind blowing.  I can attest to becoming entranced when clicking through the daily images on her site.  Some days it's hard to tell she's even wearing the LBD.

Makes you feel kind of sheepish about wearing the same thing to work every day, doesn't it?

Images via The Uniform Project