Olsen Love

Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate OlsenThank you, New York Times Style section, for making today worth living.  It's a happy Thursday at HCG: God has blessed us with a new article on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

I love the Olsen sisters.  I think they have amazing personal style and impressive business savvy.  Their 2008 fashion interview book Influence (thoughtfully gifted by my sister CF) is a constant source of inspiration.

It's natural, then, that I'm obsessed with the Olsens' design endeavors, too.  The sisters launched two fashion labels over the past two years: The Row and the trendy, less expensive Elizabeth and James.  The lines are going gangbusters in retail sales and profits are expected to increase over the next year.

The Row isn't just another celebrity line.  The Olsens keep a very low profile and generally avoid associating their names with the brand.  The clothes are thoughtful and incredibly well made with luxurious fabrics.  Every garment perfectly embodies the look of effortless chic.  In the event I came into a sweet chunk of change, I would immediately snap up the School Boy Jacket, the Manchester Jacket and this sick tank top (yes, I know $225 is a lot for a sheer tank top, but I'll bet you it would be the best damn tank top I'd ever own in my entire life).

I'm not alone in my fascination with MK & A - Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn gushed over the women in OTR yesterday.  Happy reading!

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