The Countdown Begins

our trip logo30 days from today my trusted friend and co-worker MR and I will make the pilgrimage to upstate NY to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, a.k.a. the holy land (notice I did not capitalize those words because I'm Catholic, and that would be a sin).

This momentous occasion will take place on Yom Kippur '09 since we are lucky enough to work for an establishment that honors this Jewish high holiday with a day off.  You're probably supposed to come to work if you're not Jewish, but we're taking this opportunity to spend money.  LOTS of money.

I've been talking Woodbury Common up for almost two years.  I keep telling people WC is the sickest, fanciest, most awesome outlets in all of North America, and everyone who goes there buys ridiculous designer goods for a fraction of the price.  The trip has been a long time in the making: weddings and a baby (MR's not mine) prevented earlier attempts to get there.

I readily admit I'm probably setting my expectations a little high.  WC has gotten mixed reviews online, and the really high end labels (Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Prada, YSL) probably won't have huge selections or deep discounts.  But we have high hopes for more attainable purchases at DVF, Theory and Barney's.  If I get really pissed because I'm not finding anything, I can always throw down some cash at the American Apparel outlet so I don't feel like a complete loser for coming home with nothing.

Here's a breakdown of the HCG WC YK '09 Master Plan:

1. Cash: I joked 6 months ago that I was saving $1,000 a month so I could roll up to WC with $6,000 in fresh bills (MR looked kind of scared at this revelation).  That didn't work out.  Instead, we imposed severe spending restrictions on ourselves beginning August 1.  Of course, these restrictions exclude necessary purchases like new running sneakers, an awesome 50% off rug from Anthropologie for your home office or sweet rain boots that will probably be sold out once it starts raining again.

2. Game Plan: Obviously, we printed and highlighted the store list months ago.  We've made a list of the places we want to hit together and those we'll go to separately.  Like all friends, we acknowledge that we have different tastes in certain things.  I checked the Farmer's Almanac, and the weather in Central Valley, NY is usually in the mid-60s at the end of September.

3. Attire: I plan on wearing flats, skinny jeans and layers because you never know how heated you may get, and you may want to rock a tank top in certain stores.  Plus, the place is an outdoor shopping center - natural elements will play a part in the day.  MR is being cocky and said she's wearing jeans and a simple shirt so she can just rip it off when she needs to try something on.

4. Transportation: MR is driving, and I'm providing snacks, nonstop talking (she's good for that too) and some half ass navigation skills.  Our EDT is 7:00 a.m.  I haven't told MR but I'm probably going to slip a 5-hour energy drink into her kombucha when she's not looking.

It's going to be awesome.