Destination: Fashion Week

fashionweekThis is huge.

Here Comes Gina is going to New York Fashion Week!

When this site launched just a short while ago my friend Dana, who works for an entertainment PR firm in New York (and who is awesome), suggested I apply for press accreditation to Fashion Week.  I thought I had a shot in hell of actually receiving accreditation, but I nevertheless concocted a very convincing yet honest application about HCG.  Along with my $90 application fee, I included that access to Fashion Week would offer this site's dedicated readers a new and fresh perspective of the event not available from other online and print media outlets.

It worked.

I know, it's crazy.  Either my application was amazingly well written or the standards for approval have gotten pretty lax this year (I like to believe the former).  Whatever the reason, I am unbelievably excited.

The details: Fashion Week runs from September 10-17.  I'm going up on Saturday September 12, and I'm not entirely sure what I'll do when I get there.  Press accreditation means only that you gain entrance into the tents at Bryant Park where Fashion Week is held - it doesn't mean you have access to any actual shows (invitations from designers are hard to come by).  I haven't come up with a game plan yet, but I plan on wearing something awesome (oh, where to begin?), take in the action around me (with my camera, of course) and hope for a last-minute entrance (you never know).

Rachel Zoe, if you're reading this and need an extra assistant to attend a show with you, just let me know.

Do you guys BELIEVE this?