Why 27 will be better than 26

s  meToday I turn 27.

I really enjoyed being 26 and did a lot of cool things: I bought a scooter, got trendy bangs, vacationed in the Napa Valley, celebrated my first Christmas as a married woman, did the Broad Street Run, got my first pair of Christian Louboutins and had a couple of loud altercations with an irate homeless lady who sits on a Wawa crate near my office.

It's going to be a tough year to top.  In an effort to focus on the positive, below are reasons why this upcoming year of my life will be better than the last:

  1. I have a feeling Joe is getting me a poodle for my birthday.  What better way to kick off 27 than with a gift of the most wonderful breed of dog?
  2. Like most women, I think my personal style only improves with age.  No one wishes she still dresses the same as she did 10 years ago.  As a 27 year-old sassy lady, I plan to buy lots of awesome expensive clothes and accessories.  After all, what else am I supposed to blog about if I don't buy cool stuff?  My upcoming trip to WC will help in this department.
  3. I am going to New York Fashion Week this year.  This is not something I did when I was 26.  I obviously wasn't cool enough then.
  4. I refuse to live another year without an amazing black cape.  I will find one while I am 27 if it kills me.
  5. During my 26th year, I talked a lot about how I needed a life project and wanted to start a blog.  Clearly, that project is already in full swing.  This blog alone will make 27 better than 26.
  6. In just a few short days I will have received so many ridiculous birthday presents from Joe and my friends and family that 27 will already be much more awesome than 26.  As of today, I've already gotten this, this and this from my friend MR (!).

Here's to hoping I don't write a post on my 28th birthday titled "Why 27 was worse than 26" - keeping my fingers crossed!