Bitchy Tuesdays?

mpThere was a lot of talk this weekend about the new Melrose Place premiering tonight.  I have mixed feelings on this revamped show (I was never a fan of the original) but given the "buzz" around it, I thought a quick rundown of why to watch/why to skip was in order. Reasons to watch the new MP: 1. The promo aims to make a bitch out of Tuesdays.  Whatever that means, I think it's an admirable goal. 2. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is making an attempt at TV success.  It didn't work on 7th Heaven so girlfriend is going to have to make a strong showing tonight.  She has the potential to disappoint impress. 3. Whoever styles the cast is clearly very talented.  If ASW's monokini and studded denim shorts shown above are any indication of what's to come, the clothing alone should be entertaining. 4. Most new TV doesn't start until next week, so what else is there to do anyway? 5. It comes on after 90210 (you know who you are HCG readers).

Reasons to skip the new MP: 1. ASW will likely disappoint leaving you feeling deflated come 10 p.m.  I'm willing to bet ASW's newly honed acting skills aren't much better than her poor grammar and spelling in her Twitter feed. 2. The Biggest Loser premieres next Tuesday.  Going forward, it will be difficult for you to maintain a Tuesday night TV schedule that includes 2 hours of TBL (yes, TBL is 2 hours long every week) and an hour of MP.  Anyone who chooses MP over TBL clearly doesn't care about changing lives or mocking those who cry and hyperventilate after 1 minute on a stepper. 3. You probably have a lot of recorded episodes of House Hunters to catch up on. 4. What is this show even about?  All I remember from the old version is Heather Locklear wearing very short fitted skirt suits and a psychotic Marcia Cross blowing up the apartment building.

A final note on the above promo: why does the pool have leaves in it?  I thought this place was supposed to be an expensive apartment complex.  Do the leaves make the promo more sexy?  Do leaves even fall in southern California?

Will you watch?  Or, if you've already watched, what did you think?