Gaga + VMAs

gaga One of my favorite awards shows airs this Sunday, September 13 on MTV: the Video Music Awards.  The VMAs aren't about the awards so much as the performances.  After all, it's not like anyone watches (or airs) music videos in the year 2009.  Remember Madonna + Britney and Xtina in 2003? (Okay, that was kind of weird)  When I think back to watching Britney perform at the 2000 VMAs in my freshman dorm room with little B. Miller, my eyes tear up.  Things were just so good back then.

During college and law school I loved the VMAs so much I hosted an annual VMAs party.  Like I do when watching any awards show in a group setting, I usually got angry when people talked during speeches or performances (apparently, talking is what people like to do at parties).  This was back before DVR when you had to wait for MTV to immediately re-air the show all night long to see things again, so it was really important to pay attention during the show.  Things went farther downhill one year when I caught my law school friends eating desserts in the kitchen before I put them out.  Needless to say, I don't host awards show parties any longer.

This year's VMAs should be quite a treat: Lady Gaga, who is up for nine awards, will perform, and she's promising big things.  Gaga guarantees her peformance will be one to remember and will "inspire a movement."  My thoughts: it will groundbreaking if she steps on stage wearing pants.

Set your DVR now.