I didn't intend on doing a recap of the VMAs, but this year's show was just way too sick to pass up.  I found myself grabbing my laptop mid-show because I couldn't believe how awesome it was.  Let's start at the beginning:

1. Preshow: Gaga + Kermit!  Of course she would bring KTF as her date.  Pink and Shakira in the same Balmain dress (in the words of MR, "How could Balmain let that happen?").  Beyonce scolding her security guards when they tried to abruptly end her interview with MTV (a little foreshadowing of her knack for proper etiquette).

2. Madonna on MJ: Yes, the speech was a little long, but it was poignant.  Plus, Madge looked very pretty.  Did anyone else think Justin Timberlake was leading the pack of MJ dancers at the start of the tribute?  I did, and I yelled "This is amazing!"

3. Miss Jackson if you're nasty:  Janet never disappoints, and the effect of seeing her dance "next" to Michael was pretty cool.  It was an amazing way to start the show.

5. Oh, Kanye.  The train wreck of the evening.  Say what you want about Mr. West, but he's good for memorable TV.  Little did Kanye know Taylor Swift has about a billion fans who would constantly boo him every subsequent time his name was mentioned.  People's reactions to this drama on Facebook were markedly anti-Kanye, ranging from "Kanye, you're a DB!" to "We love you Taylor!" and, my personal favorite, "Screw you, Kanye.  I will never listen to your music again."  I'll bet he felt a tiny bit embarrassed when Beyonce actually did win Video of the Year at the end of the show.

6. Speaking of Taylor Swift: How awesome was that subway performance?!  Embarrassingly, I thought she was jumping onto a random train, and I was a little let down when I realized all the people on there were handpicked by MTV.  As she was rocking out on top of a cab surrounded by screaming fans, I said aloud "I wish I were Taylor Swift right now."  That made me forget about the whole Kanye debacle (until Beyonce resurrected it).  It's safe to say that T. Swift is pretty awesome (you know you catch yourself signing along to her songs when you're listening to Q102...).

6. Gaga: Where do I begin?  So many ridiculous outfits.  Her act was rather disturbing (and a little confusing - where did the chick in the wheelchair come from?), but it was a performance.  The woman is insane.  I loved the random shot of her in her seat when she was all of a sudden covered in some red lace fabric (and I was glad she ripped it off when she accepted her award).  Note: Even with all that red lace, still no pants.  The next time we see Gaga, her head is surrounded by what appears to be a white bird's nest.

7. Twilight Junkies: That New Moon extended trailier may have convinced me to finally read the books/see the movies.  I'm a sucker for awesome trailers.

8. The Ruins:  Don't call it a comeback - MTV may have finally resurrected the RW/RR Challenge with this latest installment.  The promos were quite enticing, no?

8. Sasha Fierce: I never tire of see my girl Beyonce work it to "Single Ladies" in a sequined bodysuit.  You know when you're at the club (or, more realistically, at a wedding) and that song comes on, you pretend you can dance just like her, too.  I usually close my eyes and imagine I'm a backup dancer in the "Single Ladies" video.  Where's my ring at?

9. T.I. takes Best Male Video: Gotta love that the MTV community still supports T.I. while serving his prison sentence.

10. B + Taylor.  Of course, being the glamorous lady she is, Beyonce offers her Video of the Year moment to Taylor.  Someone has to clean up Kanye's mess, and by doing so B won over even more hearts than she already had.  As if I needed yet another reason to love Mrs. Jay-Z.

Did you have any favorite moments?