Juergen Teller + Marc Jacobs

juergen-teller-marc-jacobs-advertising-1998-2009-04-432x540Yes, it's a third straight day about fashion at HCG, but fear not faithful readers (cough*CF*cough) - I'll get back to freaking out on Dairy Queen and Target soon enough.

Cathy Horyn, the New York Times fashion critic, hosted a discussion with German-born photographer Juergen Teller on September 12.  For the past 11 years, Teller has shot all of the advertising campaigns for Marc Jacobs (recently compiled in a book shown above).  Team HCG is a big fan of Teller's work for MJ, so we maximized our time in NY and dropped by to listen in.  We even got a great seat:


Things I really liked about Juergen Teller:

1. He said the F word A LOT. 2. He injects humor into his photos and believes fashion should be fun - otherwise it's boring. 3. He refuses to shoot digitally and uses only 35 mm film. 4. He does whatever the hell he wants and Marc Jacobs is cool with it. 5. When he first began doing the MJ ads, he did the work for free.

A sampling of some of my favorite Teller ads for Marc Jacobs -

Victoria Beckham in a Marc Jacobs shopping bag:


Teller had some fun commentary on working with Victoria Beckham.  He acknowledged that both he and Jacobs look at the ads they do as a sort of social commentary, and the VB ads made a particular statement about celebrity and consumerism (in Teller's words, "Making a comment on the fact that she's so prominent with kind of not doing anything").  The timing in using VB was deliberate: she had just moved to L.A. and was constantly in the U.S. press.  At first there was some resistance on her end - VB wanted photo approval, something Teller wasn't willing to consider even for a minute.  So, he gave her a call, explained the concept and convinced her there would be no surprises - he would show her Polaroids of the shot so she'd be in on the joke.  Ah, the inner workings of celebrity/designer ad campaigns!

Lara Stone:


Sofia Coppola in Central Park:


12-year-old Dakota Fanning (many may recall the controversy over these photos, which Teller acknowledges some of which portrayed Fanning as an abused child and which a lot of people thought were creepy - I think she looks pretty glamorous in the sunglasses): dfmj


Raquel Zimmerman:


FW09 ad campaign:

FW09 Winona Ryder (shot after Marc Jacobs dressed Winona for her trial on her 2001 arrest for shoplifting from a Beverly Hills Saks - if only all former shoplifters were offered such fabulous opportunities post-conviction!):

winonaI could go on for hours, but TBL is on tonight and I still need to catch up on last night's GG and RZP.  Joe's away so I've got a fresh package of Chips Ahoys and a comfy couch waiting for me at home (see #10).

P.S. Have you noticed I have a fondness for acronyms?