Zip 'n Awesome

broccoliWARNING: this post may change your life.  If you're not ready for a life changing post, immediately close this page or go to the bathroom and read this later. Fact: Ziploc Zip 'n Steam bags make dreams come true.


Embarrassingly, I bought these babies after seeing Bob and Jillian pimp them on last season's The Biggest Loser (side note to TBL producers because I know you're reading this: I usually fast forward through those annoying product placement bits but you got me this time - and your product hypnosis worked).

These bags are 100% amazing.  I always try to incorporate a vegetable into the few real dinners I actually eat, and for the longest time I could never figure out how to steam vegetables (whatever, I admit it).  Do you put a tiny bit of water in a pot?  How long do you cook the vegetable? When do you know if it's fully cooked?

Worry no more, sassy ladies.  Throw your veggies into a Zip 'n Steam bag and toss it in the microwave for the allotted time.  The whole process truly couldn't be any easier - the bag itself lists all types of vegetables, meat and fish and exact minute guidelines on the cooking time based on the quantity.  You don't even add WATER.  It's like the people at Ziploc know there is a legion of working women out there who are sick of feeling like failures when it comes to cooking and eating vegetables.  Example: I can get home from work at 9:00 p.m., rinse and chop some broccoli and zip 'n steam it all within 10 minutes.  Get me some spray butter and an icy cold caffeine free Diet Coke and I'm ready for a crazy night with my man.

You're probably thinking, "Oh come on HCG, I buy the frozen vegetable steam bags - why do I need these?"  First, I like your inquisitive nature.  Second, I've had bad experiences with the frozen steam bags - often, the vegetables turn out mushy or overcooked.  Not once has that ever happened to me with the Ziploc steam bags.

So far I've used the bags for cooking only vegetables (primarily broccoli), but people have great things to say about the results when using the bags to cook chicken and even fish (sounds questionable, I know).

Quick tip: After one use, I rinse the bag out and let it air dry and use it again that week.  I'm sure Ziploc would prefer you throw the bag out after one use, but we're in a recession and if HCG is going to cut back on anything, it's going to be fancy Ziploc bags.

Happy steaming!