minnie Found: the perfect fall pant.

I've wanted black slim ankle length pants for quite some time.  A recent trip to J. Crew finally filled this void in my closet when I discovered the Minnie Pant (shown above in gray).

So far, I'm a big fan.  These pants are really flattering and versatile.  I wore them to NYFW with heels and am wearing them today to work with black flats.  When the weather gets chillier, they'll look super cute with a cashmere sweater.  The pants have just enough stretch to make them comfortable enough for all day wear, and they've retained their shape after several wears.  At $80, you're not exactly getting a bargain basement deal, but you are getting good quality pants that will last.

As recommended by a J. Crew SA, I went one size down in these (they run a little big - who doesn't love buying one size smaller?).  The KOP store claims the pants are a top seller and "everyone loves them".

Count HCG in.