Trench Coat Mafia


My girl B. Miller wrote HCG (actually, she just texted me but I couldn't resist turning her question into a blog post) seeking some help in the fall outerwear department.  Little B asks the following all the way from Perrysburg, Ohio:

Dear HCG, I want to find a classic trench for fall.  Any suggestions on where to look? - Little B

Dear Little B, Look no further my small exercise addicted friend.  You are so smart to focus your fall shopping on such a timeless piece.  It goes without saying that every woman should own a classic trench.  I invested in (actually, Joe gifted me) a high quality trench over 2 years ago, and I wear it nearly every day during the fall and spring months.  But a great trench doesn't have to be expensive to last.  I picked up a black version from H&M over 3 years ago, and it's still going strong, too.

HCG has found two solid and reasonably priced options for you.  Above, my favorite of the two - Gap's Classic Trench.  I saw this trench in the store a few weeks ago, and in person it looks much more expensive than the price tag would lead you to think.  I even said aloud, "Aww if I didn't already have a khaki trench I would totally buy this!"  This option has that chic, laid back look that works with suits and heels during the week, and leggings/skinny jeans and boots on the weekends.  Plus, it's on SALE!  Watch out, though: Gap is sold out of every size except XL online, so I suggest checking out a few Gaps in your area to see what you can find.

Below, another great option from Old Navy.  This style is a little more structured, but it still retains that great belted waist and above-the-knee length.  And if you're not feeling the khaki, Old Navy smartly made a black version as well.


Now get your skinny ass to your local Gap, Little B, and let HCG know how it works out!

Classic Trench, $79.99 at Gap Belted Trench, $49.50 at Old Navy

P.S. Thank you for loaning me $5.00 during our freshman year in college so I could buy a grilled cheese at Hemmingway's with my pledge class.  I know you didn't have any money then either.  I really hope I paid you back.