Boot & Rally

ak Tara Danielle Pazinski Harkins is in need of some boots.  T-Paz reached out to HCG with the following request:

Advice Needed, HCG!

So, ever since I read this entry, I have not been able to stop thinking about boots. I want to get new brown (maybe flat) boots for fall/winter. I am nervous because I want to buy something stylish and trendy, but still maintain somewhat of a classic look. I am a 30-something woman in need of some help! So I thought, what would HCG recommend???

Dear T-Pain,

First, you have some of the skinniest legs I've ever seen on a non-bird.  This fact alone should give you comfort in your boot search.  Second, HCG is happy to help.  I assumed that you wanted a reasonably priced boot, so I've kept all of my suggestions under $200, with only one guy straying over $150.  If you want to go higher, then the possibilities are endless.

I'm recommending a flat boot.  I know your lifestyle (like that of many women with young children) involves you running around after your two awesome little girls.  Although I know you can swing a heel boot, I think a flat boot is a better investment right now.  If, after you get a flat boot, you find you still want something with a heel, go for it.

Given that you want something classic, I think a riding boot style is a good place to start.  It can be dressed up or down and isn't too trendy to make you regret  your purchase next fall.  I own two pairs of riding boots and both have lasted me several years.

We'll start with the Anne Klein Chandler Boot (shown above).  This a good basic riding boot - the look is clean and polished.  It's on sale on Endless for only $103, but the sizes are limited (side note on Endless - it's the new Zappos - free overnight shipping and free returns).  Our search doesn't stop there - Ciao Bella also makes a great riding boot on sale for just $99 on the newly revamped DSW site.  At that price, it's definitely worth looking into.

I scouted out some more possibilities at the KOP DSW yesterday (my apologies for the low quality photos - I had to take shady pictures. Don't you just love the DSW scenery in the background?  The place has beautiful lighting).  Below, another classic riding boot by Lauren Ralph Lauren called the Mari Dark Brown Burnished Calf Boot priced at $149 (originally $199): DSCF0437

This style is very similar to the AK boot above but with a slightly more stacked heel.  Another solid choice in the riding boot department.

Next, a favorite of mine: Frye's Paige Buckle Boot priced at $199 - nearly a 50% reduction from the original price of $378: DSCF0436

Frye boots are amazing and have a cult following.  This style is a bit more rugged (as Frye boots tend to be) than the other options but still retains a sophisticated shape.  Even though this is the most expensive option on our short list, it's still close to half the cost of full price Frye boots.

Finally, I thought I'd throw in some options that aren't exactly riding boots but are still very cool.  Two styles from Steve Madden share similar traits: a less round toe and flatter heel.  Below, Steve Madden's Sander Boot on sale at Nordstrom for about $130:


The Sander Boot has some interesting details that set it apart from other boots: the top is slanted on the outer side and there are small perforations at the top of the boot and along the back of the heel.  Interesting, no?

Lastly, another Steve Madden boot in cognac strangely named "Intyce":


This style doesn't come in dark brown, but these boots are definitely cool and are also on sale at Nordstrom for $130 (they're available in black and gray, too).

T, remember that these suggestions are only guidelines for you to find your best boot.  Only you will know when you have met your match.  Godspeed!

xo, HCG

P.S. Your mom Terry is awesome.  Please tell her I said hello.