Accessible Accessories

65653270-01These accessories aren't simply accessible, they're downright cheap.   All pieces are under $8.00 (!) and were discovered during two trips to F21 over the past four days.  Above, disco ball stud earrings.  The photo makes the earrings appear ginormous, but they're really just decent size studs that work well with larger necklaces, like this:67744231-01This photo really doesn't do the necklace justice.  I purchased it on Sunday and wore it to work yesterday - it was a big hit.  It's basically a tangle of chains with a few larger rhinestones kind of embedded within the chains (they don't hang down when you're wearing the necklace).  Very shiny and sparkly.

Below, another multi-chain necklace.  My store had only the silver version in stock, and I prefer this style in gold (the silver looked a little like a bike lock, but people might allege the gold looks like Mr. T - I don't mind the Mr. T comparison.  In fact, I find it flattering).

68935804-02Both of the two necklaces above are on the shorter side.  I wear them slightly below the collarbone, but the first one above is adjustable if you want something a little longer.

Finally, I picked up a long silver tangled chain necklace with faux pearls mixed in.  For all the working ladies, this looks great with a flowy shirt under a suit.


I always recommend purchasing F21 accessories in store if possible.  The quality varies greatly from piece to piece and is hard to discern online.  I will confirm that the quality of the above pieces (especially the first necklace) is very good (even great by F21 standards).

WARNING: If you purchase these items or any other jewelry from F21 (either online or in store), please remember that all jewelry sales are final.  You will never get a refund or store credit if you attempt to return it.  HCG doesn't want to feel guilty if people buy this stuff and are unable to return it (after all, you should know better).

All at F21 - Disco Ball Earrings, $5.80 Petite Rope Chain Necklace, $7.80 Rebel Chain Necklace, $7.80 Knotted Faux Pearl Necklace, $7.80