WCYK09: The Aftermath


Remember the long-planned trip to Woodbury Common outlets?  Well, I've finally gotten around to writing about it.

Did it live up to the hype?  Yes and no.  Let's start at the beginning.  MR picked me up at 7:30 a.m. and the trip took us only 2 1/2 hours.

IMG_0694 The weather was absolutely perfect for outdoor shopping.


Oh hey, there's our car where I spent the first 45 minutes after our arrival in the PARKING LOT on a CONFERENCE CALL for work.  As you can tell, not too many other people arrived right when the doors opened.  I told MR I would blur her license plate number in this photo, but I have no idea how to do that.  Feel free to stalk her.

IMG_0697Even the signs got me excited.

IMG_0699We expected the place would be filled with rich fashionistas and models.  But LOOK - there are regular people all over the place!  We decided we were cool enough to shop here.  Check out that older couple on the left giving mean looks to the camera.  They must've pegged me for one of the many European tourists we encountered that day dragging their suitcases and pushing us in line.

We really weren't kidding when we said we printed and highlighted the map.

mapPink = "I can't believe I went all the way to Woodbury Common and I didn't go to _________"

Green= "I feel excited about going to ______"

Yellow = "If we have time and haven't spent a ton of money, we should go to _______"

The WCYK09 Breakdown:

Most successful: Theory.  We're working ladies who are required to wear suits every day except Friday, so as lame as it is to go sick outlets and buy work clothes, we can't deny the fact that doing so makes our daily lives easier.  I wear Theory almost every day, so I had a lot of stock in this joint.  Fortunately, it didn't disappoint.  I got a pair of black pants and a little fitted tuxedo blazer, and MR picked up an awesome black work dress.  Everything was 50% off of retail which is pretty close to the cheapest I've ever seen Theory at Loehmann's/Neiman's after Christmas sale.

Biggest heartbreak: YSL Tribute platform pumps in dark brown patent croc severely discounted.  Both of us were sold on them until the SA returned with a disappointed look and the news that the only sizes available were a 6 and a 10.  They looked similar to these:

YSLWe talked about those shoes all day long.  YSL was definitely the best high-end store.  There was an entire wall of beautiful shoes (including some crazy popular styles like these and these), and gorgeous bags were littered throughout.

Best thing we didn't buy: MR "fell in love" (roll eyes) with a shoddily made leather woven Burberry bag discounted from $2,500 to $900.  She still gets angry when I refer to it as a poor man's Bottega Veneta.  Girlfriend smartened up and wisely spent her money on these beautiful cushiony flats (in black, not gray) at Tod's.  She looks just like Gwyneth.

todsAs much as it hurt, I passed on this DVF dress that was one size too big and a couple of miles too long:

dvf It was a difficult decision.  That dress would've been something I'd have in my closet forever, but I knew in my hear that it wasn't right.

Speaking of DVF, the store wins the spot for Had the most potential but left with nothing. The place had a HUGE selection - I saw practically every piece from the S09 RTW collection.  We tried on a combined total of 26 garments and left empty handed.  Don't hate, appreciate - it's harder to walk away than spend money sometimes.  I will definitely return to the DVF outlet.

Biggest disappointment: Barney's.  The place wasn't much bigger than my apartment and lacked cool merchandise.  Most of the stuff was Barney's label.

Best department store outlet: Neimans/Saks (tie).  We both got some fun shirts/dresses at Saks, and I found some cool jewelry and these super cute Seychelles platforms at Neiman's (apparently they tried to kill themselves but Joe grabbed them in time): IMG_1034

Most similar to a refugee camp: Burberry.  I liken the scene there to the Superdome in the worst days of Hurricane Katrina.  People were practically looting the place.

Best spot for buying your husband something: Banana Republic.  We both picked up some leather driving mocs for our men for only $50 (who says we're not thoughtful?).  I usually find good stuff at the BR outlet, and this trip was no different.  I got two belts, a black pencil skirt and an argyle sweater - all deeply discounted.

Most offensive interior: Tory Burch.  Woof.  I had to snap a photo before the SAs asked me to refrain from taking photos because "the PR people will flip out." IMG_0702 Most impressive facade: Lacoste.  We didn't go in there because the columns were too intimidating. IMG_0703 Place where we spent way too much time: the bathroom.  I had two huge fountain sodas plus a ton of water.  What did you expect? IMG_0704

Exactly as we expected: Chanel. Everything was still very expensive, and it wasn't the coolest stuff.  Most of the bags were trendy and only a few were leather bags (mostly fabric). IMG_0711

Stores we forgot to go in: Missoni, Valentino, Oscar de la Renta.  We didn't completely forget, we were just very tired.


Most disgusting: The food court.  Barf City.  I held my breath as I bought my Mrs. Field's.

Best forgot-about-it-then-got-excited-when-I-remembered purchase: MR got an adorable winter coat at Bennetton, and I picked up an awesome Lululemon workout tank for $34 (normally $58).  For the workout addicts in the house, this outlet is definitely worth checking out.


Somewhere between Tod's and The North Face (nothing good there), we realized the sky had turned dark.  The outlet directory was lit up so brightly MR had to put on her sunnies: IMG_0722

As promised, we ended up here: IMG_0724In case you can't tell, that is my fatigued figure slumped over in front of the store with shopping bags surrounding my feet.

American Apparel wins the award for Worst Markdowns. Every single item was exactly $2.00 less than the retail price.  Huge savings.  That didn't stop me from picking up another tri-blend v-neck in gray (I already own it in a different size, and it's my all-time favorite t-shirt.  I wore it to Jay-Z on Friday night.  With pants.): triblend

Since WC was getting ready to close, we thought about leaving, but couldn't resist hitting up Crate and Barrel, where we managed to keep spending money (MR: a plastic covered chip and dip/veggie tray carrier and appetizer plates.  Me: a green vase and some placemats).

Finally, exhausted and hungry, we began our trek home: IMG_0725As soon as we got in the car, MR promptly polished off her remaining cheddar cheese Pringles from the morning and then proceeded to call her husband and tell him we "might not stop for food, we may just power through."  Really?  Maybe the other half of the car's passengers was about to PASS OUT.  Fortunately, she let us hit up Quick Chek (the same convenience store we mocked earlier that morning) for some treats.

15 hours from the time I left my house, I returned home.  I feel tired just thinking about it.