mocs The weather in Philadelphia this week makes me want to kill myself.  What makes me feel a little better?  These cozy moccasin slippers.

Why these slippers are awesome: 1) You don't feel like an old lady wearing them around your house. 2) They don't make that slipper noise when you shuffle into the kitchen in the morning. 3) They are furry and soft inside and keep your feet toasty. 4) If you have to run out to the store, these slippers have a real sole and look convincingly like actual shoes.

I love these so much I even keep a pair in my office - they (along with candy and my iPod) make working late much more bearable.  I prefer the brown and tan versions, but the slippers come in black as well.  I'm heading back to Target this weekend to stock up on some more before they're all gone.

Now grab a Starbucks tall nonfat no-whipped hot chocolate (not sugar free - it's disgusting), and get snuggly!

Women's Chaia Suede Moccasin Slipper, $16.99 at Target in brown, tan and black