Mini Martha

so cuteI spent nearly 6 hours on Sunday surrounded by sugar cookie dough and cutouts of bats, pumpkins and leaves.  It felt good to bake, but it was a trying afternoon.  At times, I was covered in flour and my legs were sick of standing (that may sound lazy, but I've been working out very hard lately). You know what helped?  My super cute apron from Anthropologie. I know it's really easy to bake in a hoodie and sweats.  I used to do that, too.  But sometimes you look down and realize (1) you look like a bag lady; or (2) if you've upgraded to higher quality leisure wear, you've soiled your favorite Splendid sweatpants and AA hoodie with raw dough and eggs.  Not cool.

Solution: Wear a fun apron while you bake.  It sounds like an obvious concept, but it's actually quite impressive how much a full apron protects your clothing.  Anthropologie is my favorite place to pick up awesome aprons.  Tip: Unless you're in a pinch, try to get one on sale (I never pay full price).  I always make a point to check the sale rack for any reduced aprons when I'm in the store.  I've also had good luck with picking up vintage aprons at vintage stores and on Etsy (beware: some "vintage" aprons on Etsy are actually just "vintage inspired" - but does that really matter?).  Pair an Anthro apron (or any apron, for that matter) with a cookbook, and you have a great little gift.

I prefer full aprons for long baking sessions, but I have a couple of half aprons as well.  They're great for last minute prep before guests come over - you can just untie your cute little half apron when people show up and put a check mark in the "Make My Life Seem Flawless" column.

Since I'm such a proponent of buying things on sale, I should mention that the apron above is not on sale.  I just wanted to post a photo of it because it's so cute.  But this one is on sale:


Both at Anthropologie - Red Sea Apron, $32.00 Handkerchief Mosaic Apron, $14.95 (reduced from $28)