Hop To It

islandhoppingI got this color on a whim while getting a manicure the other day, and I'm loving it.  Even though the name, "Island Hopping", is markedly not fall-like, the color is perfect for cooler weather.  For some unknown reason, I put a lot of stock in the names of a nail polish colors (I just really enjoy them - along with the names of horses and boats).  If I'm choosing a color at the nail place and I don't like the name, I won't get it.  It's that simple.

That said, "Island Hopping" made me feel happy and warm inside.  Plus, it's a really pretty but not too light mauve purple (or, as Essie describes it, "rum raisin") which looks great with black, navy and all shades of gray.  I tend to wear darker nail colors in the cooler months, and this is a nice switch when I tire of my usual Chanel Black or Blue Satin or Essie Wicked.

Do you have any favorite nail colors for fall?

Essie "Island Hopping", $8.00 at essie.com