Expect Great Tights

verawang_2_080107_bigConfession: I'm obsessed with tights.  In case there's any confusion at the outset, I'm not talking about "pantyhose" here - I'm talking about opaque tights.  Cool ones.  I wear them nearly every day through fall and winter, and I own at least 30 pairs in wide variety of colors, patterns and fabrics.  I'm particularly fond of wearing little black dresses to work, and a deep selection of fun tights helps to freshen my look.

My #1 source for well made tights?  Vera Wang's Simply Vera line for Kohl's.

I know, I know - Kohl's is mad ghetto.  I used to hate on my mom a good deal for her affinity for the low-end department store (especially the year she bought all of my sister's Christmas gifts there - but actually, that was pretty funny), but I got sucked into the place when VW first launched her Kohl's line in fall 2007.

Initially, I was smitten.  The pieces were interesting, textured and thoughtful and offered women across the country new and exciting choices.  Over the past two years, my interest in the line has evaporated.  The spark just isn't there any longer, and it's disappointing.  The clothing currently in stores is so poorly made it gives the impression that the all Simply Vera quality control personnel were laid off.  On my recent visit to the store, I saw a rack of thick ribbed orange turtlenecks (that look like they belong at Kohl's - that comment is intended as an insult) and gasped in horror when I saw the VW tag.  A word to Vera: don't let the venue bring you down, chica.  You're better than that.

But back to the tights.

Fortunately, our girl hasn't slacked off when it comes to hosiery and has maintained production of chic, reasonably priced tights.  The quality of these tights is fantastic.  Unbelievably, I still wear a few pairs of VW tights that I purchased over 2 years ago.  Last night I swooped into Kohl's after my twice yearly dentist appointment (which is pretty much the only time I ever go there) and giddily picked up 6 more pairs of fabulous tights (in navy, black and gray opaque, gray and fuschia cableknit and black patterned).

It doesn't stop there - I even picked up this slouchy beanie (it's awesome).  Because slouchy beanies tend to fall off the head, I like to test them out by wearing them around the store for a while.  While doing this last night - my arms loaded up with tights - I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and, even in the horribly unattractive lighting that a Kohl's store offers, the hat looked SO CUTE.  My heart skipped a beat, and I smiled.

Who knew an HCG girl could experience happiness on a rainy Tuesday night at Kohl's?

Simply Vera by Vera Wang opaque tights, $6.99 (reduced from $12.00)

Note: The photo above is a fall 2007 ad for the Simply Vera line.  Please note that the apparel currently in stores is no where near as cool as pictured here.  I own the short sleeved camel colored coat on the left in black, and it's amazing.  Sadly, VW for Kohl's presently includes no apparel even remotely this cool.