Sweet Sweet Sequins

topshopTeam HCG loves sequins.  Doesn't everyone?  A sequined beret is a fabulous way to add a bit of glamour to your everyday life. You may be thinking, "HCG,  you're straight crazy.  Where the F can I wear a sequined beret?"  Fear not, dear reader.  Sequined berets can be worn everywhere and anywhere (okay, except to work - for most people).

A sampling of where you can wear a sequined beret -

  1. Shopping
  2. Getting Starbucks
  3. Getting your car washed
  4. Getting a manicure and pedicure
  5. Taking your poodle to the groomer
  6. Taking your baby to the park
  7. Target
  8. Out to breakfast
  9. Your niece's birthday party
  10. The movies
  11. Your parents' house
  12. Book club
  13. A doctor's appointment
  14. The farmers market
  15. A Phillies party

You kind of wish you had one now, don't you?

Vintage Sequin Beret, $32.00 at Topshop

Guess what?  RZ makes one, too!  Rachel Zoe Sequined Stretch Knit Beret, $26.00 at QVC

So does F21!  Sequined Beret, $12.50 at F21