The Best Sweatpants in the World

splendidYou read that correctly: these really are the best sweatpants in the world.

I first learned of Splendid sweats back in 2007 when Oprah professed her love for them in an episode dedicated to living well.  Queen O declared these pants amazing and called them "the perfect pair of sweats."

Since Oprah and I have similar lifestyles, I knew I needed these pants.  I finally bought them in 2008, and I've barely taken them off since.  I generally change out of my monkey suits as soon as I get home from work, and I immediately put these on.  If they're in the wash, I feel angry inside.

Why These Sweats are Amazing:

  1. They're incredibly soft. The fabric combination of supima cotton, modal and a tiny bit of lycra create a perfect storm of comfort.
  2. The fit is perfect. The pants are stretchy and fitted around the hips and upper butt but have a looser, wider leg.
  3. Prolonged wear is encouraged. You can wear these babies every night for 10 days and they won't stretch out.
  4. They feel expensive (probably because they are.  Did I forget to mention these cost about $100?).
  5. They eliminate the need for any other lounge pants. You'll never wear your old sweats again unless these are in the wash - guaranteed.  Plus, they are nice enough to wear on an overnight flight (Oprah likes to wear them while traveling).

Okay, I know I slipped the $100 price tag in there.  A few thoughts on that: I know it sounds crazy to spend that much money on a pair of sweats.  I can hear you saying, "Who do you think you are, HCG?"  (To answer that question, I like to think my stars are aligned next to Oprah's).  This is where I bring in the Price Per Wear Index:

I've owned these sweatpants for 16 months.  I can state with confidence that I wear them between 18-20 times per month.  That rounds up to 320 wears. When you break down the price per wear, these sweats cost me only 30 cents per wear - THAT IS INSANE.  The PPW will only continue to decrease over the life of the sweats.

A few comments on sizing: I got an XS, and they fit perfectly, so don't feel the need to size up.  Warning to short chicks: I'm about 5'6" and these are quite long on me.  You will likely need to have them hemmed.

Just because no one besides your husband/ boyfriend/ baby/ poodle/ cat/ food delivery guy sees you after work at night, it doesn't mean you should throw your life away in an old pair of sweats that are tight at the ankles.  What if someone stops by unexpectedly to drop off something off?  Do you want to feel ashamed when your surprise guest sees how you really live your life?  I didn't think so.

Still not convinced?  Christmas isn't very far away.  Ask for these.  Tell your family to SHUT UP when they make fun of you for wanting $100 sweatpants (they're just jealous.  Tell your dad his stupid old Eagles sweatshirt could use a break).

Splendid French Terry Drawstring Sweat Pant, $95.00 at