DIY: Ribbon Frames

Ribbon Frame 002HCG loves a good DIY project (at least the three DIYs we've ever done).  Joe and I moved into a new apartment a few months ago, and our stairway is outfitted with four silver hooks leading upstairs.  I love the look of photo frames hung by ribbon, and these hooks were practically made for them. I looked around for what seemed like forever thinking I would find the perfect ribbon frames.  No luck.  Eventually, I decided to take control of the situation and attempt a DIY.  Guess what?  It worked, and it was incredibly easy.  Want to give it a shot?  Here you go:

Step 1: Buy some frames. I chose the Ikea Ribba Frame because I wanted a clean and polished look to contrast the wood against which the frames would be hung.  The Ribba comes in different sizes and colors, and it's mad crazy cheap (like everything from Ikea - who doesn't love that place?).

Step 2: Buy some ribbon. This process took me a little longer than it should have.  Joe and I hit up Fabric Row on Fourth Street in Philadelphia (an amazing resource), and the possibilities were endless.  For the non-Philly dwellers, Michaels and A.C. Moore both have great ribbon selections as well. ribbon2ribbon I debated using a colored ribbon but finally decided black would look the most sleek.  Grosgrain ribbon was an easy choice: it's one of the stiffest and sturdiest ribbon fabrics.


Step 3: Thread the ribbon through the hooks on the back of the photo and tie. This part is super simple.  The Ribba frame comes with wire that can be stretched across the back of the frame to hang it on a nail, but it was easier to ditch the wire, slip the ribbon through the hooks and tie in the middle.

Ribbon Frame 017

Step 4: Choose your photo(s). My favorite of the bunch we chose to hang is this photo of the world's cutest nieces, Madeline and Jane:

Ribbon Frame 026Step 5: Hang your ribbon frames and feel proud. I know I do :)

Ribbon Frame 016Breakdown of expenses: - 2 yards of black grosgrain ribbon ($0.85/yard): $1.70 - 4 Ikea Ribba frames ($4.99 each, on sale from $7.99): $19.96 - 4 5"x7" photo prints ($1.69 each and printed within an hour at CVS): $6.76 Total Cost: $28.42