Sloth and Data Reign over Halloween


Our Halloween party was sick.  We hosted nearly 60 people, and Joe hooked it up with a kickin' sound system that was so loud people up the street thought our apartment was a club (FYI: our building is currently vacant except for our unit).  We sparkled pumpkins, skulls and bones, made a creepy guy in our stairway, created a well thought out lighting system, and filled huge glass apothecary jars with endless amounts of candy.  There were jello shots, Joe's famous party punch, fancy popcorn, spider cupcakes, pumpkin shaped chocolate chip cookie bars, candy covered Oreos, finger cookies, lil' smokies and stromboilis.  Eventually, the whole shindig turned into a dance party.  It was intense.

sparkly pumpkins



The costumes were quite impressive, and the costume contest was very heated (we don't screw around here - I provided ballots printed on orange paper and pens for each guest).  There were 5 categories: Best Individual Costume, Best Couple Costume, Most Creative Costume, Scariest Costume and Worst Costume.  My brother Johnny and his girlfriend Trang dominated the polls, nearly sweeping the contest by taking 3 out of the 5 categories.  They came as Lotney "Sloth" Fratelli and Richard "Data" Wang, two characters from the hit 1985 film "The Goonies":


Sloth and Data took home prizes for Best Individual Costume (a tie between each of them), Best Couple Costume and Most Creative Costume (Trang/ Data).  Some party goers were rather disappointed that their efforts didn't amount to a win, like Waldorf and Statler, the two old guy Muppets who hang in the rafters, pictured here with Kermit the Frog:


Don't worry, Kermit didn't just tag along with the old guys, he came with Lady Gaga (you may recall that Kermit and Gaga attended the VMAs together):


Yes, that's me as Gaga.  It was a dream come true.  Steph and Bob showed up unexpectedly and creeped everyone out with their wig head costumes - they won Scariest Costume by a landslide:


Jon & Kate Gosselin were extremely popular this year, and our party was no exception.  We had 3 Jons & Kates and, even though they put extraordinary effort into their respective costumes, they went home with Worst Costume.  Below, the three Kates:


Since we had only one prize for Worst Costume (a calendar titled "Crazy about Cats"), it went to the runner up - Joe's friend Damico who came as a greaser (his photo is not worthy of HCG).  At the end of the night, guests went home with lots of memories and caramel apple favors (at least some people did - I forgot to give many of them out which angered me since I spent what felt like 50 hours making them.  I think they may get the boot next year):


More of the party: