Glitz It Up


My friend Dana was gifted this gorgeous Banana Republic bracelet last night at her birthday dinner extravaganza (from which I am still recovering) from Trang and Johnny (I know, I know, they're everywhere lately), and I was all over it.  It's chunky yet delicate with enough sparkle and glitz to balance the tough gold chains.  Dana immediately put the bracelet on, and it danced on her wrist in the candlelight.  I was hooked, and I needed to buy it ASAP.

So what would any HCG girl do?  Go to her local Banana Republic shortly after she awoke the next day and buy the damn bracelet.  Team HCG is not ashamed to admit that we readily purchase things our friends/sisters/colleagues own, and you shouldn't be either.  We think it's the highest form of flattery, and just because a friend has something awesome doesn't mean you can't have it too.

Thanks, Trang/Dana for this great find!

Braided chain bracelet, $42.00 (or $39.00 in stores for some odd reason, which amounted to only about $30 after a 30% off coupon) at Banana Republic