Getting Out of Dodge

finallyTeam HCG leaves today for a week long vacation in BARBADOS!  That's right, just like Oprah treated her entire Harpo staff to a crazy Hawaiian vacation, HCG is whisking the hardest working crew in the blogosphere away to the Caribbean for some well deserved relaxation (alright, that's not true.  Joe and I are just going away by ourselves.  I was fantasizing about what I hope HCG will morph into one day.  CF and MR are already fighting over who gets to be Gayle). Don't worry, as long as my trusty laptop holds up, I fully intend on posting as much as possible over the next week.  After all, I won't have that pesky job dominating 90% of my waking hours.

Besides, I love HCG so much, I never want to take a vacation from it.

Image via Garance Dore