Bienvenidos a Barbados!

Barbados 003Greetings from Barbados HCG readers!  Our travels weren’t as strenuous as we feared (we flew out of JFK and drove there from Philly at 3:30 in the morning; it was the cheapest/most sane option).  We arrived at the airport in plenty of time (a rare feat for me), and the 4 1/2 hour flight to Barbados was as smooth as could be.

When we landed, we couldn't believe how amazing the weather was - 88 degrees and sunny!  We're staying at the Hilton, which is perfectly fine, but which is an adjustment from the kind of place we (unfortunately) got a little used to during our last luxury beach vacation (our honeymoon).  Unlike the staff here and here, the staff at the Hilton Barbados doesn't offer to spray you with chilled Evian or hand you ice cold washcloths with silver tongs off of fancy trays.  They also don't turn down your bed at dusk, put out fancy slippers for you or turn on soothing Hawaiian music in your room.  But who's comparing?  All that jazz aside, the view from our room (above) is spectacular.  The ocean water is the some of the bluest and warmest I've ever experienced:Barbados 066We got a full beach day in today, and I finished off 200 pages of “Sarah’s Key” (our November book club pick – it was amazing).  I have only two books left, so I told Joe he'd better get moving on his new Dan Brown hardback because I'm plowing through my reading material pretty quickly.

Joe and I have become smarter travelers as we get older, and we have learned that not all countries may have our favorite snacks readily available.  So, we packed (translation: Joe stuffed in his backpack) an impressive variety of our old standbys: Barbados 006Yes, Joe even remembered to pack a Chip Clip so the pretzels wouldn't get stale (!).  I always knew I married the perfect man.

When we booked this trip a while back, Joe mentioned to the concierge that we'd be celebrating our first anniversary (5 months late).  The Hilton graciously sent up some desserts which looked okay, but which tasted like chalk: Barbados 018We hit up Mama Mia, an Italian pizzeria/restaurant, last night for dinner, and it was delicious.  As for photos of ourselves, we're having to resort to those hold-out-the-camera-and-squeeze-your-faces-together pictures (like most couples have to do on vacation).  Below, one of the less embarrassing finished products: smileUntil tomorrow!