Buck Up

buckThis one was pure luck of the draw.  I was keeping my eye out for some motorcycle-esque boots to give my flat boot selection some variety from the traditional riding boot.  I saw these Steve Madden boots online a while back and, at the time, they were priced at $160 (no thank you).  I kept looking.  One day a few weeks later, I checked back to SM.com, and these bad boys were on sale for $55.00!  Not too shabby. I couldn't be happier with my lucky purchase.  At first, I was a little apprehensive about the shaft height of this boot; at 11 inches, I was concerned it would hit at the fattest part of my calf, but it definitely doesn't.  I wore them with leggings to my niece's 4th birthday party on Saturday, and these boots were comfortable enough that I could wear my 5-month old niece Jane in a Baby Bjorn for practically the entire party (side note: that Baby Bjorn thing is amazing.  I started telling people at the party that I was a single working mother, which is hard, but there are lots of us out there, so it's good to have support.  I got lots of smiles from other moms).

It's worth checking the site once in a while if you're interested in these boots.  It worked for me!

Steve Madden Buck Black Leather Boot, $129.95 (or $55.00, depending on when you check - so weird, right?) at SteveMadden.com