Until the Very Last Drop

Barbados 289I've always been an obsessive beach person.  As a teenager (once I was old enough to drive), I'd stay on the beach in Cape May reading until the sun had gone down, wearing a sweatshirt and struggling to see the words on the page.  Fortunately, Joe shares my love for languorous, ultra long beach days.

Some serious late morning/early afternoon rain caused a late start to today's beach day.  We had to drag ourselves off of the powder soft sand near dusk.Barbados 253Barbados 272See the moon at the very top right hand corner of this photo? Barbados 329Barbados 335And because he's quietly commented before that he never gets proper credit for his photos posted on HCG (despite the recently created tag "photos by joco" - see it?), please note that all photos in this post were taken by Joe :)