Everything is Better at Sandy Lane

rmjcToday we ventured away from our hotel and lunched at Sandy Lane, the luxury Barbados resort where Tiger Woods was married in 2004.  The entire resort is huge, composed of three golf courses, the hotel, residences, a spa and a bunch of restaurants.  The Country Club, where we dropped $100 on lunch enjoyed a delicious meal, is set on one of the golf courses which is perched on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean.  Even on an overcast day, the view was sick.Barbados 343The view from the entry of the Country Club:Barbados 346Obviously, Sandy Lane is F-A-N-C-Y.  Our cab driver kept telling us how expensive it was and that Bill Gates likes to stay there, and he basically questioned our ability to afford anything there (people always think less of us because of Joe's beard.  It's tiring, but we're used to the prejudice).  SL is so fancy, in fact, the Country Club has little customized cloth doily things at the bottom of the water glasses.Barbados 337slImpressive, no?  Everywhere in Barbados accepts U.S. dollars (the exchange rate is fixed at about two Barbados dollars to one U.S. dollar), but the change you're given from U.S. dollars is in Barbados dollars.  We're bringing some home for my dad's international money collection.moolaI always let Joe handle the calculations.Barbados 344At the end of our meal, a server came out with - wait for it - ICE COLD WASHCLOTHS on a FANCY TRAY!!!!  The cloths were soaked in eucalyptus oil, and they smelled divine.  I asked Joe if we could call the Hilton and have them send our luggage over to Sandy Lane because I never wanted to leave.Barbados 342The hostess called a taxi for us, and we expected a white van/sedan to pull up (like the taxis that always arrive at the Hilton).  But no such mediocrity arrives at Sandy Lane; a black BMW 5 series rolled up and whisked us away from heaven.

Now that's how HCG likes to travel.  Mark my words, Sandy Lane: I will return.