Pisces Schmisces

IMG_2643Last night we dined at Pisces in St. Lawrence Gap.  Pisces didn't exactly hit a homerun in the food department, but the atmosphere was lovely.  The restaurant is located on top of the water and is lit up with millions of hanging lanterns.  The waves lapped underneath us, and we watched huge sea turtles swimming near the shore.  That was (almost) enough to distract me from the plastic tasting salmon.IMG_2677IMG_2641Vacation is an excuse for me to wear some of my old favorites, including this gold chain headband (picked up a few years ago at F21 or H&M - I can't recall which), which doesn't work as well at home in the winter:IMG_2654IMG_2736I love fun hair accessories, and the inability to wear most crazy headbands/headscarves, etc. when one's hair is short has actually prevented me from cutting my hair on several occasions.  Oh, and I sported everyone's favorite BR bracelet, too:IMG_2754Joe and I have finally resorted to attempting to take photos of ourselves in the elevator mirror.  Pathetic (but kind of fun).IMG_2759Today is our last full day in Barbados - we're off to the beach!