The Best Day of the Year

outletsObviously, I'm talking about Black Friday.

We don't ghetto it up here at HCG and camp out at Best Buy and other lame stores like most crazies you see on the news (note to those people: kill yourselves).  We set our sights on one amazing destination: the outlets.

Two years ago the Philadelphia region was fortunate enough to receive the blessing of brand new outlets.  The Philadelphia Premium Outlets (which are actually located in Limerick, PA - about 45 minutes from the city) were christened on Black Friday 2007 with a blowout sale starting at midnight.

2007 was the first midnight madness outlet experience for the HCG team (we were always a team, even before the official inception of HCG).  Looking back, CF, Joe and I didn't take that inaugural trip as seriously as we should have.  We didn't leave Philly until 11:15 p.m., and we paid for it.

We never expected the pandemonium that we encountered upon our arrival.  The place was crawling with other bargain hunters.  After nearly dying in the car where we could see the sparkling lights over the shops from the gridlock traffic on the highway, I convinced Joe to ditch the car on the grass as soon as we pulled near the entrance, and I ran as fast as I could.  My pulse is quickening just thinking about it.

Most people buy Christmas presents on Black Friday.  Not so much at HCG.  We buy for ourselves.  During our past two trips, I've set my sights on one big purchase: a Marc Jacobs bag at Neiman Marcus Last Call.  In both 2007 and 2008, I bought a Marc Jacobs bag for nearly 70% off the retail price.  This year, my recent purchase of the 2.55 will sadly deter my focus away from the handbag selection at NM (probably).

Last year CF was pregnant and was pretty much a pain in the ass (it's no secret that CF and I sometimes wear on each other during these trips.  In her defense, I know I am not the easiest person to shop with on Black Friday).  Even so, I'm hoping she steps up her game this year.  Also, I'm making a public plea to Joe to PLEASE buy stuff for himself this year.  He bought nothing the first year and got only socks the second year (but he did surprise me that year by slyly picking up an apple corer/slicer for me while CF and I were waiting in one of many lines).

Word on the street is that HCG reader CDW will be joining the team this year.  CDW is pretty intense (and she loves a good deal), so the team's energy will no doubt be high come Thursday night.

I can hardly wait.

Pssst! Some outlet stores are super sneaky and open before midnight.  Click here to find out which.