Black Friday Bonanza

IMG_3084Black Friday 2009 was one for the record books.  Team HCG stayed up later than ever (we returned home at 5:30 a.m.), and CF almost didn't make the trip (she was allegedly on her death bed).  Fortunately, CF spent the entire Thanksgiving day resting in bed watching "Uncle Buck" (I'm embarrassed even writing that), and she was good to go come our 10:00 p.m. departure.  Even though CF missed Thanksgiving, she made it to the outlets in true HCG fashion!  On top of that, she and I barely fought at all.

The scene at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets was pretty scary this year.  The traffic near the exit was crazy (not a good sign), and the parking lot was PACKED.  So packed that Joe was forced to drop 3/4 of Team HCG off at the door and troll around for nearly 2 hours before he found a spot (about a mile away).  Thanks again, Joe.

On to the loot: My favorite BF outlet purchase is a new coat from French Connection - reduced from $368 to $100 (shown above).  It was the last one in the store, and it had to be taken off of the mannequin in the window (side note: I hope all HCG readers ask for things they would like to purchase to be taken off of a display if necessary.  I never hesitate to do so).  This coat is so sweet!  It's heavy and swingy and feels luxurious.IMG_3100IMG_3117The big sleeves and loose cut were what sucked me into buying this.  I love the foldover collar, too:IMG_3090Joe really took my public plea that he buy some stuff to heart.  Homeboy walked away from the outlets with practically an entire new wardrobe.  Because he was still stuck in the parking lot when Puma opened, I took the liberty of getting him a new pair of sneaks and some sweet sweats:IMG_3012Many thanks are owed to Team Le (comprised of Johnny, Trang and Trang's sister and mom).  Team Le allowed us (for the second year in a row) to sneak in line with them at Puma, and Johnny gave me the idea to get Joe some sweats (Johnny picked up a few pairs for himself).  The sales staff at Puma acted as though they were Secret Service agents guarding the president.  They kept yelling, "IF YOU ARE PAYING BY CREDIT CARD, HAVE YOUR I.D. READY!"  This short lady staffer with a curly mullet (for the Pitt Chi O HCG readers, the woman resembled our infamous Chi Omega advisor Balfe) was screaming at the customers waiting to pay to "STAY BEHIND THE LINE!"  I told them I didn't appreciate being treated like an animal.

Trang had this Puma track jacket in her hand in line, and I couldn't resist picking one up for myself too ($40, reduced from $80 - thanks, Fuzz!):IMG_3059The jacket is super soft and thick enough to wear alone over a tank (no extra layer needed).  I know this because I tried it on in the store under my shirt (with CDW's help).  It will definitely be put to good use before and after workouts.  The collar looks chill when worn open, too.  IMG_3061J.Crew was another hotspot.  Joe scored 3 sweaters, a hoodie and a button up (which is a big deal for him).  All jewelry was 40% off, so I picked up a few fun ribbon tie necklaces.  Now I can afford to wear a bunch of necklaces at once like the J.Crew models!IMG_3036IMG_3042As always, I bought some stuff at Banana Republic.  The entire store was 40% off, so it was a good excuse to stock up on more accessories like these belts ($15-$20 each) and a fancy clutch ($25) (and some clothing not pictured):IMG_3048IMG_3054Because this night was all about Joe, I feel it necessary to mention that he also got two pairs of aviators at Sunglass Hut (buy one get one free), and these fun gloves for $7.00 at French Connection.  Can you see the reindeer shadow hand puppet he's making here?  So clever.IMG_3124CDW and CF also scored some great finds.  CDW suffered through the never ending line outside of Coach and scored a beautiful pair of sunglasses for $55.00.  CF went home with earrings and a batwing shirt (both from BR), Christmas presents for her man, a pair of Pumas, and a $25 snowsuit for MKF (originally $80 - isn't that crazy?  Who knew children's snowsuits were so expensive?).

Around 4:15 a.m. we decided we were spent (physically and financially), so Joe began the long cold trek back to the car during which time I hit up Dairy Queen (yes, the DQ/Orange Julius at the outlets was open all night) and treated myself to a chocolate Blizzard with M&Ms.  My belly really hurt once we got home.

But it was a good kind of hurt.