Rainy Day Glamour

welliesRain sucks.  Freezing cold rain is even worse.  Sweet rain boots make inclement weather more bearable. I invested in my first pair of wellies back in 2003 when I bought a pair of Burberry rain boots as my 21st birthday gift to myself (I was a senior in college and the purchase was extremely extravagant at the time.  I remember it as one of the best birthday gifts I've ever given myself).  Six years later, I decided I was due for an upgrade, and I finally gave into my strong desire to spring for Hunter wellies.  I've wanted them for quite some time (seeing photos of Nicole Richie in several different colors did me in.  Learning that the Queen of England wears them did MR in).  The Hunter wellies are a solid purchase.  They're WAY more comfortable than my Burberry wellies (the Hunter soles have a good amount of padding), and these bad boys have already been put to good use.

Since wellies are made of only rubber, they aren't very warm.  Fortunately, Hunter makes snuggly fleece welly socks!

welly socks

Since I own the glossy black wellies, I'm going to stick with the simple black fleece socks.  I wear these babies to work very often (and as I've mentioned before, I wear suits to my job), so I like to keep the crazy colors to a minimum.

Now when my alarm goes off in the morning and I see the rain coming down outside, a tiny (and I mean tiny) bit of me is less sad to leave my slumber and get ready for work.

Hunter Original Gloss Wellies, $114.95 at Zappos Hunter Fleece Welly Socks, $30.00 at Nordstrom