An Urban Outfitters Success Story

urbanApparently, Urban Outfitters is the new Nordstrom. A little over a year ago I purchased a fitted leather jacket from the byCORPUS diffusion line for Urban Outfitters.  I had gone through a few faux leather jackets in the preceding years and finally stepped it up and decided to invest in something nicer.  The byCORPUS jacket set me back $300, which was significantly more than I had ever spent on a leather jacket.

This little leather jacket and I had a good year together.  While wearing it, I took great care to ensure that I didn't get stuck in the rain or rub up against any scratchy surfaces.  I sported it with skinny jeans and flats, layered over a thin sweaters and hoodies and, as part of my favorite leather jacket ensemble, over little dresses and tights with the sleeves pushed up.  I felt pretty sassy and got lots of compliments when I wore it.

On Sunday night, tragedy struck.  While wearing the jacket over one of Joe's shrunken flannels (I'm capitalizing on his loss) and skinny jeans, I put my hands in the pockets (like I constantly do with all garments that have pockets - I love pockets).  As I did, I heard and felt the leather rip straight across the bodice.  I thought I was going to DIE.

I let out a deep "noooooooo" and hurriedly shrugged the jacket off to survey the damage.  The rip was so severe that it was painful to look at.  I clutched the jacket at arm's length and kept wincing, closing my eyes and shaking my head in sorrow.  It was beyond repair.  I cursed a lot.

Once I calmed down, I started reviewing my options while pacing the living room.  Unfortunately, I no longer had the receipt; I'm good about saving receipts, but it had been a year.  Even if the tear in the leather was able to be repaired, it would look pretty crappy.  I knew UO would no longer carry the jacket, but I wasn't about to let this episode go unresolved.  After all, $300 isn't exactly a drop in the bucket.  I decided to attempt a return.

Today at lunch was game time.  I shadow boxed outside of the Walnut Street store to get myself pumped up for a confrontation.  I was raised by the Queen of Returns, so I like to believe I have the quality of returning things without shame in my genes - but that doesn't mean I don't get nervous.

My opening line to the sales associate behind the counter was pleasant: "I have an issue with a jacket I purchased."  I showed her the destroyed garment, and she recoiled in disgust (it was that offensive).  She called over Molly, the women's manager, who also looked down at the wrecked piece of leather in horror.  I apologized for not having the receipt, but they didn't seem to mind.  I started to get hopeful.

Molly gave me the options of (1) exchanging the jacket for another one; (2) getting store credit; or (3) getting a full cash refund (!).  No where in our conversation did I hear the phrases "too late to return" or "there's nothing we can do for you".  I tried on a few $300 options in the store but didn't find anything I loved.  My dad would be proud: I took the cash refund.

Special thanks are in order to Molly.  She apologized for the defective product and was super acommodating and incredibly sweet.  It was one of the most pleasant returns I've ever made.

I'm most relieved this worked out because I didn't want to have to write a hostile open letter to Urban Outfitters (like this or this).  Although I know such letters are a hit with the readers :)

Plus, now I have 10% saved for the Rick Owens jacket.  Victory!