Bright Lights, Big City

BillysGuess what?  HCG is in New York!  Actually, it isn't as cool as it sounds.  I came here on an unplanned work trip on Tuesday morning, so please excuse the lack of posts.  I simply haven't been able to keep up with my regular posting schedule.  As is the life of a super successful low level attorney!

Although this trip is extremely work heavy, I'm attempting to squeeze in some fun while I'm here.  I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with my good friend and  HCG reader Caitlin (aka "C") last night at The Stantion Social on the Lower East Side.  C and I meet up in person only a few times a year, so the chatting at dinner was nonstop (especially since The Biggest Loser finale had just occurred the night before).  It goes without saying that we deeply missed 1/3 of ARC, our girl Alex in Boston.  Holla, A!

Of course, there's the shopping factor.  I will attempt suicide if I cannot make it over to Uniqlo in Soho before I leave (for Christmas presents, of course - ha!  I couldn't even type that with a straight face).  Plus, the DVF sample sale ends tomorrow, and I'd love to get over there, too.  Keep your fingers crossed!

FYI: There are several more installments of the Gift Guide that will go up as soon as possible.  We know the clock is ticking to buy gifts, and we're on it!  Worst case scenario: you can just buy the stuff for yourself. 

Image via The Sartorialist