Rodarte for Target

rodarteGET READY!  Rodarte for Target launches this Sunday, December 20 (allegedly).  This diffusion line is by far the most anticipated Target designer collaboration of my lifetime.  The designers (and sisters) behind Rodarte, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, create insanely beautiful and meticulously made clothing (think hand stitched knits and layered flowy dresses) that is the stuff of women's dreams.

Rodarte is amazing, and it's also exorbitantly expensive; the line's garments are generally priced between $3,000 and $11,000.  The Rodarte for Target pieces range from $10 to $80.  Believe me, I don't plan on walking out of the South Philly Target with an $11,000 dress for $80, but I do hope to find something interesting and inventive that will be a nice addition to my ever expanding wardrobe.  Don't be scared by the styling in the photo above - it's not required that you wear the Rodarte pieces a la Jenny Humphrey circa 2009.

Some of you may remember the issue I had with Target when the Anna Sui collection was released early in September.  As promised, I've been stalking my local Target all week to avoid getting bamboozled again.  As of 10:20 p.m. last night, the Rodarte stuff has not yet been put on the floor.  I grilled the women's dressing room attendant and, although she had not heard of the collaboration (how do you work in the women's department at Target and not know about stuff like this?), she was under the impression that something new was going on the floor very soon.  I told her she would see me every day until Sunday.

Calling all HCG readers: if you spot the Rodarte goods in your local Target, please let us know!  If you want to interrogate a Target employee, Rodarte is pronounced "Ro-dar-tay".

Don't F with us this time, Target.