Circle of Warmth

sheerIn case you didn't know, Philadelphia was blanketed in snow this weekend.  I had a lot of running around to do, so I wasn't able to snuggle inside and watch movies like the rest of the East coast (you think the Rodarte stuff at Target was going to wait around until the snow stopped?  I don't think so).  Fortunately, I had this American Apparel circle scarf to keep me warm during my travels. The circle scarf is exactly as it sounds: a big circular piece of fabric that can be worn as (1) a scarf; (2) a snood (a scarf/hood); (3) a wrap; and (4) a dress (I haven't tried that one).  For the last few months, this scarf has been my constant companion.  I wear it nearly every day as a regular scarf (wrapped around my neck 3-4 times), I use it as a wrap in my office, and when I'm flying, it acts as a blanket.  While tromping around the snow on Saturday, I draped it over my head to protect my blowout and wrapped the remainder of the fabric around my neck.  I like to think I looked as glamorous as possible amidst a blizzard.

The sheer version is suuuuper soft.  I was lucky enough to snag the athletic gray sheer scarf (shown above) at the AA warehouse sale in Soho this past summer for $15, but now that I know how awesome this baby is, I wouldn't flinch at paying full price.  If you'd prefer a more colorful scarf, try the regular (non-sheer) version (shown below as a wrap), as it comes in about a billion different colors.  I recommend checking out the regular version at the store before buying - it comes in a variety of fabrics, so the softness may vary from scarf to scarf.

Also, don't be fooled by the photos - this scarf is huge (like for real).

drapedThe Unisex Super Sheer Circle Scarf, $37.00 at American Apparel The Unisex Circle Scarf, $28.00 at American Apparel