A Very Gina Christmas

IMG_3417This was a good Christmas for HCG.  CF and JDF gave me the best gift in the history of the world: Here Comes Gina business cards!  500 of them!  I've wanted HCG business cards for quite some time now and not simply because I want to drop them in free lunch drawings at local restaurants (I have business cards for my real job which are good for that).  Believe it or not, people ask me for HCG business cards all the time - I swear.

Many thanks are owed to CF and JDF for this awesome gift.  The business cards are very polished and clean, and they even include my cell phone number on the back (how about that?). IMG_3435My dad hooked it up this year, too, with a box of my favorite chocolate covered pretzels (some may recall these delicious treats from my bridal shower and wedding.  MR may recall the time we ate so many of the leftovers from HAF's wedding we almost threw up in MR's office). pretzelsMy day after Christmas pilates class was all the more difficult thanks to the 37 pretzels I ate the night before.  My belly says no but my mouth says yes (that should be a song lyric).

The gifts didn't stop there: CF was really into showing people up this year, and she went all out with personalized koozies! IMG_3448Chica must've found a generous coupon code online for PersonalizationMall.com because both of my parents got koozies as well, and she gave Johnny return address labels (along with a bunch of stuff for his new place that he criticized).  This koozie is significant because my family spends significant time on the beach in Cape May, NJ each summer.  Allegedly, I tend to "freak out" when there aren't enough koozies to go around, and I get stuck with sand all over my caffeine free Diet Coke.  Problem solved!

There were many more wonderful gifts given and received in the HCG family this year - both CF and Trang got the Hunter Wellies (although Trang's are on backorder) - and we really couldn't be happier.

As CF always asks at the Christmas dinner table (jockeying for you to choose her gift): What was your favorite Christmas gift this year?