A Little Something for the Men


To the five boys who read HCG: this - our first ever post directed toward the male species - is for you.

Joe discovered an amazing creation at The North Face store last night: a knit hat with little speakers along the ears.  It's sick.  It allows you to listen to music while wearing a warm hat and not feel your earphones digging in your ears (I know this because I tried the hat on several times and danced).  Today, Joe even called me on his phone from his hat.

Are you a guy who walks to work?  Who takes the subway or train?  Who runs outside every day during his lunch break in Conshohocken (E. Hanna)?  Don't worry - even if that doesn't describe you (it doesn't describe Joe), you should still buy this hat.  It's that awesome.  When you take it off, it's like your hat is a little DJ playing cool music.  Pretty freaky.  Oh, and the speakers and wire can be removed so you can machine wash the hat.

Unfortunately, The North Face is anti-woman and does not make a comparable hat for the ladies.  What, we don't walk to work?  We don't like keeping our heads warm while we listen to music?  Of course not.  Take a note from HCG, North Face: I happen to know many women (C. Cahalan included) who would LOVE a technologically advanced hat like this.

Until then, I'll just have to steal Joe's (even if it is a little too big).

Men's GTO Audio Beanie, $45.00 at The North Face