Be More Awesome

beretHappy New Year! HCG couldn't be more excited that the year 2010 has finally arrived.  We already know it's going to be the sickest year of our life (mainly because 2010 will consist of an entire year of HCG.  2009 consisted of only half a year of HCG).

With the new year comes the dreaded new year's resolutions.  We know resolutions are played out, but they can be helpful (not like Lenten sacrifices which can be way too difficult and depressing).  Mainly, resolutions put a little fire under your ass and give you motivation to stop being a slug.

HCG proposes a challenge to your 2010 goal: don't make the same old BS resolution.  You know what we're talking about - "I want to work out more.  I want to eat better.  I want to learn more about poodles."  Same shit, different year.  Spice it up!  Resolve to do all those ordinary things PLUS something different.  We're not saying you need to completely change your life - just try to make it more awesome (emphasis on "more" - if you're reading HCG, you're already awesome).

For example, CF has made a great resolution: wear something that makes her feel fabulous every single day.  HCG cannot think of a better 2010 resolution.  MR and I engaged in a similar exercise with our work wardrobes a few months ago, and it was really fun (we called it "wearing something sassy").

I was particularly proud of myself for taking this mantra to heart as shown in the photo above.  I was headed out to breakfast the morning after my friend K.Max's wedding in Carlisle, PA, and I could have just thrown on skinnies, flats and a v-neck.  Instead, I sassed it up with Louboutins, my favorite black cape (Uniqlo) and beret (H&M).  That tiny bit of effort got compliments from our waitress and more than a few stares (I know I was a little gussied up for central PA), but more importantly, it made my day.  I practically floated (or flew, since I was wearing a cape) down the turnpike back to Philly.

Anyway, our point is this: try harder.  Especially when it comes to getting dressed.  We know it's easy to just throw on whatever - who cares what those people at work think anyway?  We don't care about those people either.  We care about ourselves.  Looking great translates to feeling great, and THAT is our 2010 goal.

HCG resolves to help you look great and feel great in 2010.  It's going to be awesome.  We promise.