I'm in Miami Bitch

miamiYou read that correctly - HCG is in Miami! Nicki, my good friend from college (Chi Omega woot woot!), was cooler than all of our other friends and settled here with her husband.  Since Miami is significantly more fun than where the rest of our crew lives (Philly, Toledo and Pittsburgh, respectively), we reunite at Nicki's each year for a ladies weekend.

The crew this year is comprised of myself, Nicki, Little B and Dana.  We plan on getting crazy on the dance floor and creepin' on as many guys as possible (complete lie.  We're all married and rarely speak to men on these trips).  We'll definitely talk non-stop, hit up hot yoga, enjoy awesome meals, log some serious beach time and dish about Teen Mom (WTF is up with Farrah's mom getting arrested for choking her?) and TBL (did the chick from the red team really throw the weigh in for the second week in a row?).

The weather this morning is 82 and sunny, and we're about to have lunch outside on Ocean and spend the rest of the day on the beach.  Best.  Friday.  Ever.

Editor's Note: To prevent offending any readers with this title, HCG thought an explanation was necessary.  The title of this post is also the title of a crazy popular song by LMFAO.  We like profanity as much as the next person, but we rarely use it in such a direct manner.  Don't hate.