It's Girl Scout Gina Time

pure joyOh no.  They're back. It's with mixed emotions that I welcome Girl Scout thin mint cookies back into my life.  Certain words and phrases come to mind when I think of these treasured treats: delight.  Compulsion.  Lack of self control.

Thin mints and I have a long, storied history together.  While I was in college and law school, my mom (who is always a proponent of indulgent eating) would kindly send me several boxes of thin mints each Girl Scout cookie season.  Once during college, I polished off two entire boxes in 45 minutes and promptly threw up (in a sick way, not in a bulimic way).  A few years later, I decided I wanted all of my favorite desserts at my wedding, so I purchased several cases of thin mints from a co-worker's daughter and froze them for 5 months until the wedding (I feared the co-worker would forever look to me for big cookie orders, but he hasn't).  I killed a box the night after the wedding to make up for months of deprivation.

Sadly, my self control has not improved after all these years.  I still break into a cold sweat when I see that little harnessed Girl Scout screaming in joy on the bright green box (side note on the box: why the helmet and harness?  Is this girl zip lining in Costa Rica?  If so, how many cookies did her troop have to sell to afford such an extravagant trip?).  My heart thumps in my chest and my peripheral vision blurs.  When I get my paws on the thin mints, I refuse to share them and hoard them like a closet eater.  Once I start eating a few, I can't stop - snapping them out of the silver sleeve one by one like candy.  I know I'll feel like absolute hell after I've eaten so many (my stomach never fails to writhe in pain, cursing me for being such a loser), but I never learn.

Everybody has her own thin mints - that food that you just cannot pass up no matter what your circumstances or willpower you thought you had.  What's yours?  Has anyone figured out a way to overcome this monster?