Want a $40,000 Shopping Spree?

nap2Introducing HCG's first giveaway!  Just kidding.  We haven't started receiving such high end giveaway offers yet, but we know it's only a matter of time until they start rolling in. Net-a-Porter, everyone's favorite luxury fashion site,  is giving away every woman's dream: a $40,000 shopping spree in celebration of the online retailer's one millionth order.  The $40K comes in the form of NAP credit and never expires.  The only restrictions: the winner may not purchase more than one of any size of the same item and no more than two sizes or color ways of the same item.

We've already spent more time than is healthy perusing the site determining what we would buy first and how long we would try to make the credit last.  I would initially focus on shoes (Lanvin flats, a few pairs of platform Louboutins, Chloe flat boots) and then move onto super high quality basics.  Of course, I'd stalk the site until this Rick Owens jacket came back in stock.

We thought about refraining from posting about this giveaway because doing so reduces HCG's chances of winning, but we decided to be kind hearted and hope that an HCG-affiliated winner will gift us something awesome (MR has already promised me $5K of the credit if she wins).

Click here to enter!