Warmth Without the Hat

ginaheadwrapWinter chic isn't the easiest look to achieve without freezing your buns off.  HCG reader Eryn recently inquired (via fellow reader and friend C): Dear HCG, What kind of winter hat can a woman wear that won't mess up her hair?

Dear Eryn,

This is a big request, and it took us quite some time to figure out a decent solution.  Before we respond to your question, we'd like to give a special HCG shout out to you and all of the readers at the CNN offices in New York - holla at your girl!  Also, sincere thanks are owed to our good friend C for spreading the word about this humble blog up there.

Believe me, we feel your pain with the hat/bad hair situation.  We hate being cold, and we love looking cute.  We own an impressive assortment of winter hats, but, as adorable as hats may be, they often wreak havoc on our blowouts and leave us walking around in a mess of static fuzz all day.

Alas, our solution above - a knit headwrap!  A headwrap is the perfect way to stay warm yet chic during the miserable winter months.  We admit that a headwrap doesn't keep the entire head warm, but it does do a great job of keeping the ears and a significant portion of the head rather toasty.  Plus, it looks really cute.  I've worn the headwrap above several times and, on each occasion, had to fight off compliments with a stick.

If a headwrap is your style, I'm willing to bet the same thing will happen to you.

Blustery Bloom Headwrap, $24.00 at Anthropologie Also check out the Pinched Headwrap, $24.00 at Anthropologie