Let the Race Begin

oscarsLast week the nominees for the 2010 Oscars were announced.  Team HCG is really into the Oscars.  For as long as we can remember (or since law school), we've committed ourselves to seeing all of the films nominated for Best Picture before the Oscars air. Seeing all of those films in the time period between the announcement of the nominees and the airing of the Oscars isn't always an easy task.  It requires diligence, a stockpile of candy and, if you're Joe, acceptance of the fact that you had to see "Brokeback Mountain" on your 23rd birthday.

This year, our task is even more arduous than in years past.  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has doubled the number Best Picture nominees from 5 films to 10 films (the switch is a reversion to old school practices.  In the 1930s and 1940s the Academy recognized between 8 and 12 Best Picture nominees each year).  10 films?!  I can already feel my stomach churning from too much soda and popcorn.

The nominees for Best Picture are: Avatar The Blind Side District 9 An Education The Hurt Locker Inglorious Basterds Precious A Serious Man Up Up in the Air

Fortunately, some of these films are already available on DVD, and the weekend blizzard gave us a chance to get started on our viewing.  So far we've seen: - Up (So cute, but Best Picture?  I don't think so.) - The Hurt Locker (Very good.) - District 9 (Disgustingly bad.  The inclusion of this film as a Best Picture nominee must be a joke.  I hated every minute and had to leave the room halfway through because I was going to be ill.) - Inglorious Basterds (Okay, only Joe has seen this, but 1/2 of the team will have to fly for now.)

The Oscars air on Sunday, March 7 on ABC.  That leaves us 26 days to see 6 films.  I'm particularly excited for "The Blind Side", while Joe (and my dad) is amped for "Avatar" (I am kind of dreading it).

Does anyone else attempt to see all the Best Picture nominees?  Do you have any favorites?